Friday, October 12, 2012

Paintballin's Monster Warlord Combinations Guide

Here is a link to another blog for a guide on other parts of Monster Warlord by LeeStar

This is a link to the Official Gamevil Forum Thread for the same thing:

Here is my guide to combining monsters on Monster Warlord:

This is a guide for successful combining only. If it fails it will change into a random monster of the same level.

Any two of the same type will make the same type, Air + Air = Air
Other than that here are the other combinations:

Air + Dark = Earth
Air + Earth = Air
Air + Fire = Water
Air + Holy = Fire
Air + Water = Holy

Dark + Air = Earth
Dark + Earth = Dark
Dark + Fire = Holy
Dark + Holy = Water
Dark + Water = Fire

Earth + Air = Air
Earth + Dark = Dark
Earth + Fire = Fire
Earth + Holy = Holy
Earth + Water = Water

Fire + Air = Water
Fire + Dark = Holy
Fire + Earth = Fire
Fire + Holy = Earth
Fire + Water = Dark

Holy + Air = Fire
Holy + Dark = Water
Holy + Earth = Holy
Holy + Fire = Earth
Holy + Water = Air

Water + Air = Holy
Water + Dark = Fire
Water + Earth = Water
Water + Fire = Dark
Water + Holy = Air

If you want the other way around where I start with the success here is the list:

Air = Air + Earth
Air = Holy + Water

Dark = Dark + Earth
Dark = Fire + Water

Earth = Air + Dark
Earth = Fire + Holy

Fire = Air + Holy
Fire = Fire + Earth
Fire = Dark + Water

Holy = Air + Water
Holy = Dark + Fire
Holy = Earth + Holy

Water = Air + Fire
Water = Dark + Holy
Water = Earth + Water


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  1. Hello,

    Have u noticed that on world boss ppl are scoring thousand attacks? Way over 15000 attacks in a couple days also at low level, how is it possible?

    A warrior class gets 1 stamina every 2 minutes, this will get AT MAX 720 stamina in 24 hours, so how is it possible?

    1. Okay there are many ways to get more attacks, first off just by leveling you will restore full stamina which people take advantage of. By that I mean that you can be very close to leveling and wait for world boss to spend full stamina on then level and then spend full stamina again.

      Another way is to get the items and so far I have seen 2 items that decrease stamina gain. The first item is the Magic Rope it gives 5 seconds less for charging stamina, the next one is the Magic Ring which is 10 seconds.

      Plus the people that have over 15000 attacks probably use jewels. 10 jewels will restore up to 50 stamina if you have at least that.

      Hopefully this helps, I'm not an expert with any of this stuff but these are just my observations.

    2. Using jewels meaels that to make 15k attacks you will need 3000 jewels, with such prices would rather be cheaper combining.

    3. Ok how ppl have so many attacks is they spend a lot of jewels on the reset skills, after they got them to lvl 10 so they can just keep getting more lvl and get the 2skillpoint pre lvl, and that's how the low levels have like 1 to 2k stam and since there like lvl 20 and 30 they can lvl like 10 times a boss and keep attacking.

    4. If you still can read this..
      first if you see those lowlvls getting thousands of attacks it must be jewels+level
      But for higher lvls scoring 15k attacks has a lil bit of technique. First off, they buy the +4 skill points for 50jewels repeatedly until they have thousands of stamina on their account. lets say they farmed upto 5000 stamina point and its full by the time wb gets up. After exhausting all 5000 stamina they will then RESET skill points i know its tiring but after you put back your skill points to stamina you have 5000 stMina AGAIN. Repeat it a couple of time and there you go 15000 attacks and that only costs 400jewels in total when attackin.

      hope this helps :)

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Replies
    1. so we will never getto to #1 if it is like that it meas GAMEVIL is doing nothing to stop cheaters.

    2. their not cheaters check their google wallets before accusing or they might just farm you

  3. I have been trying to figure out a good way to determine the monsters that i create when combining lesser monsters. So far what i have noticed is not consistant with the formulas posted above.

    I have combined the first 3 monsters you can catch over 100 times in various combination and none of the above formulas is a real match... i have mixed 2 uncommon fire monsters and gotten a rare water monster from it. i have also mixed exclusively the uncommon water and uncommon air monsters together for an entire day and when they monsters finally combine they should create a rare holy monster... this simply isnt the case. most of the time i notice that if combining monsters does ever work that I see more water monsters than average. I wish gamevil would make your chance to combine greater the more you try to combine, similar to quest mastery...

    1. I have no idea how you're getting that everyone I have talked to have never said that any of my elemental combinations are wrong and even so almost everyone I have spoken to about combining monsters have said that 2 of the same element will always produce the same element and I have also experienced the same.

      If more people confirm that what you have said is true then I can try to change it otherwise you are the only person that has said this, and I will not change what I have written.

  4. its true... ive been binding for god monsters and i actually just get other ultimates. .. i actually got a water god from the dark ultimate (hydra or something)

  5. Does thus chart also apply to failures? For example, if I combine a Dark Type and Fire Type, at Ancient level, the success will be a Holy Chaos... But if it fails, will it be a Holy Ancient? Dark Ancient? Fire? Or is it a completely different algorithm?

    1. No it does not apply to fails. Fails will net you a monster of same rarity at random

  6. hello i'm Dreamlord from same server as you.
    i thanks for your info to make me easy to combine monster here.
    but i still need to know why me still losing to people as well.
    i saw my monster are strong and there was weak but i still cant win about them. how is the way to count in this game pls? i wish to understanding more so can be nice well in game.

    1. I got a chaos at lvl 46...i'm winning mor than 90% of the battle. N to my surprise. I hav seen a lvl 55 with a god monster. 1 chaos alone hav like 3k atk.. so if def value of all ur monster added up is lower than 3k... u'll lose.

    2. how u get a chaos ? killing world boss ?

    3. a chaos at level 46? that is really noob. no offense i am level 29 and i have 3 S god and 6 god andd there are still people i cant beat.

  7. I tried dark dark equal fire :/

  8. When will b the right time to combine? Is it when u've already got rare, epic? N if u combine a rare monster would u get a monster stronger than tht e.g. chaos, legend, etc? I've done few combination but all of it failed. Im not tht lucky i guess :/

    1. Well I'm at lv 81 and I've had quite a bit of success with farming the dark rares (67% success rate) from quests I use 125 energy to farm it 10 or so times get 6 -7 dark rares and combine to get dark epic ( I think its epic) then combine those up ( 600 atk each) I go through alot of fails but I've also increased my atk by about 60k in 4days

  9. Hey what's the best starting type to choose? As in fighter, ranger, Tycoon.

  10. Are the combines you listed that work for you in order based on success rates?

    So far your suggestions have been 100% for me but now at lvl 77 going for ss god im taking every precaution possible.

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  12. hi there i have a question. if my upkeep is greater than my income and i can not afford to pay it. would i lose my monsters.

  13. datk and dark will give dark
    same to all monster

  14. On my phone when I combine they always fail. I have failed 15 times in a row with 40% chance of success. And on multiple accounts! How can I fix it so I could be able to get skme combinations?

  15. 2 monsters of the same rank and element does produce the same element and rank!

  16. Wait for combining for event where the chance of succes is bigger ... for examlple 60 % chance and its possible to fail 1000 times in a row.... small chance but its possible